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Wed, Jan 7, 2004
Release: 0.9.0.x


Win 2000/XP - 2.8MB
note: Win 9x & Me can try
the above file. If the installation fails, Install
the windows installer below.

Designed for WinTV and includes Hauppauge's Remote Control Support.

CT PVR Scheduler is a full featured scheduler that works in tandem with CT Scheduler which is included in this install package. CT PVR Scheduler allows manual TV program scheduling and management. Options for Daily and Weekly programming as been added. You can modify any program that has not run yet or that is set to run on daily or weekly schedule. All shows scheduled are still visible with the WinTV scheduler.

CT PVR Scheduler support for the has to configured in Hauppauges remote config file Irremote.ini in you Windows or WinNT folder. CT PVR can do this automatically for by setting the option " Insert Remote Cfg". This option can be reached via the Windows Start/Programs/CT Scheduler/CT Scheduler Options menu item. The image below show what the key functions are while in CT PVR Scheduler. The remote is no supported in the CT Scheduler guide programmer.

Programming Notes / Updates:


Beta  -  1/7/2004

1) Support of local system Date and Time settings.
2) Fine tuned many of the Date and Time routines.

Beta  -  1/5/2004

1) Fixed Misc Scheduling Errors, most obvious being the inability to create Weekly Schedules.

Beta  -  12/18/2003

1) Fixed DigiGuide Duration Problem.
2) Installer protected file error.

Beta  -  02/19/2003

New Feature:
1) Added Advance Command Line Options. Now you can include or exclude Command Line Actions. This should allow CT Scheduler to work with more PVR software other than WinTV(not tested with other applications). Just go into the options screen and click on button labeled advance.

Beta  -  02/18/2003

New Feature:
1) Scheduled Recording will now wake the system up from suspend mode. It should also work when the system is hibernating(not tested yet).

Beta  -  02/17/2003

1) PVR crashing when atempting to chabge an existing schedule.

Beta  -  02/17/2003

1) Fixed: IRTuner not being found when it time to record.
2) Fixed: WinTV not shutting down when external tuner is selected.

Beta  -  02/16/2003

1) Added support for Actisys IR-200L by using IRTuner. Go to the options screen and check: (Enable IRTuner Actisys IR-200L). This will insert the command line required and Enable a setup button. Run the setup to train IRTuner and your set. Keep in mind I had no way to test this since I do not use this hardware.

Beta  -  02/15/2003

1) Added some error checking routines in an effort to track down the
"Runtime 6 error" that many are experiencing. (CT PVR only)
2) CT PVR in library mode has a Thumbnail Size Previewing of your videos. Just right mouse click on any recorded video to activate a popup menu.
3) Free Disk Space is now display a lower part of screen to help with storage management. It informs you only on the drive you use to store your video files.

Beta  -  02/11/2003

1) Fixed problem where the scheduler would command WinTV to shutdown after every recording.
2) More accurate checking for Time Conflicts.
3) Corrected some of the run time issues on startup on PVR.

Beta  -  02/11/2003

New Feature:
1) Reminders; If you want to be reminded of a TV show just check the Reminder checkbox. The TV Show will not be recorded. You will get a reminder notice 30 minutes before the show begins. Just schedule the reminder for the show's normal time. There is no need to set to an earlier time.
1) Problem with deleting and editing; would sometimes delete or edit the incorrect schedule.

Beta  -  02/10/2003

1) Duration problem that generated a time conflicts when there wasn't one.
2) On Daily and Weekly schedules will check for time conflicts accurately avoiding overlapping error.

Beta  -  02/09/2003

1) Video Playback is now integrated with the Library. Play/Pause/Stop and getting in to Full Screen mode are controlled by use of media menu. You also have use of the remote control to get you out of Full Screen mode, control volume levels including mute.

Beta  -  02/08/2003

1) Added DigiGuide Support; go to the options screen and click on Install DigiGuide support. You need to restart DigiGuide to load the support file. This feature allows you to right mouse click on any program in DigiGuide to activate a menu. You will see the option "Schedule this show with CT Scheduler" click on it and it will send the detail to CT Scheduler.
2) Fixed the problem with auto padding not working.

Beta  -  02/06/2003

1) Added External Tuner support; You create the schedule with the channel you want record and select "External Tuner" in the station field. When it runs the schedule, the program will send WinTV the Extenal Tuner Channel and send your External Tuner software the channel you want to record.
2) Improved the date / time scrollers in the CT Scheduler and included a duration field

Beta  -  02/04/2003

1) Made PVR Scheduler Screen wider
2) New Main Menu plus an alternate by setting it in Options
3) Added Sorting of Scheduled Programs
4) Programs scheduled by Hauppage's scheduler now show up in PVR Scheduler and can be modified
5) You can now run the options screen from PVR Scheduler by clicking on the CT logo under main menu

Beta  -  02/03/2003

1) Improved interface visual, Easier to read the Scheduler's lists
2) Schedule and Library List now has a CT logo when a show is scheduled using CT Schedulers
3) Added file size to the Library List
4) Fixed file rename to work with files without the CT Video structure

Beta  -  02/02/2003

New Features:
1) Rename your Video files while in Library mode
2) Options to Turn off WinTV after recording and Mute while recording located on every scheduling screen. You can control the defaul settings for these features through the CT Scheduler options .

1) On Daily or Weekly recording the filename will now be incremented
2) The Library list would not sort properly after changing directory

Beta  -  02/02/2003

You can now Move your video files to a different folder using the PVR Scheduler. While in Library mode the "New" menu item will allow you to create and delete folders.

Beta  -  02/02/2003

Tighten up the date/time functions some more on the PVR Scheduler. Added remote control support for the new message/warning/browsing windows.

Beta  -  02/01/2003

Fixed the problem with certain date/time ranges not allowing creation of the schedule. In the Library the column headings can be clicked on to sort that column.

Beta  -  01/31/2003

You can now delete your Video files when in Library mode. The deleted files will end up in the Recycle Bin in case you need to restore them. Added a browse button that allows you to change the current directory in Library mode. The directory will reset back to the default WinTV directory upon restarting the Scheduler. To set a permanent Library directory go to the CT Sched options from the start programs menu in windows.

Beta 0.8.0.x  -  01/30/2003

The PVR Scheduler now has integrated Library(Video file management). You can switch between the Scheduler and Library mode via the main menu. File deletion is omitted from the Library system for now. Just our way of protecting your files while we test this new feature. You can play the select Library file by Double Clicking or Pressing enter. The remote control will also work while in Library mode.


Due to the on going projects of Viewers and Recorders, I added the ability to choose the application you would like use for recording. Keep in mind that it will still only work for programs using the WinTV switches. Fixed the refresh button on the PVR Scheduler and an invalid date problem that would cause to crash on startup.


Found an repaired an error in remote scheduling where it would schedule the job and not run WinTV. Added remote scheduling to PVR Scheduler.


CT PVR Scheduler is a full featured scheduler that's works in tandem with CT Scheduler which is included in this install package. CT PVR Scheduler allows manual TV program scheduling and management. Options for Daily and Weekly programming as been added. You can modify any program that has not run yet or that is set to run on daily or weekly schedule. All shows scheduled are still visible with the WinTV scheduler

Added Remote Scheduling capabilities. Schedule to your HTPC using any other pc on networked systems only. Will not work with windows 9x/Me computers and not sure about NT 3.5/4.0. Some other minor changes were made that should be seamless.

note: The account that's logged in on the local PC must have access rights to the computer you want to schedule a task to. Even to view the schedule list on a remote PC you need access rights.

You can now schedule a video program without a web program guide. Change the option setting on Allow Menu Start and you can schedule from scratch. New Options added to control the inputs a little better. You can define a default input source for recording. Added an Unattended mode, Disable Prompt to eliminate user input except when an error occurs, and a Do not Quit after scheduling.

CT Scheduler now handles the scheduling with out the need of Hauppauge's scheduling software. You have the ability to view your scheduled programs via a preview screen. View any conflicts in your recording schedule and delete them on the fly. This version will work together with a full scheduler that will be release by Nov 24th.

Enabled the TitanTV processing in Options. You can now save your Svideo/Component channel in Options along with the Channel Over setting. Channel Over will automatically change the channel entry box to Svideo/Component if that station channel is higher than the number you have entered. This will help when recording form digital or cable services.

Created an option area reachable thru start menu. You now have the capability of auto padding the start and end times. This option area will grow with new feature with-in the next few days. Placed a button next to your time zone description which allows you to run the window system time/date console.

Added spinner button by station to switch between a station or Svideo/Composite. This will allow you to associate a channel number with the Svideo/Composite. The system will save the last channel that is on the screen when you click on schedule button. This only matters if you use the PVR button in Gist as the Outlook button has a channel number already associated with it.

Fixed bad recording date depending on your timezone that resulted in a scheduled recording event with a next run time of never.

Now supports all time zones worldwide. Displays you time zone and current time. Added spinner button to change the time and locked out direct entry to limit errors. Added a shortcut to reassign TVPI file type back to hauppauge PVR applet.

Fixes: Program title description queries complete title minus illegal file characters. TV program start and ending time now acquires correct time.

Now supports Microsoft Outlook event association with sites that provide the ability to insert a TV show programming information into Outlook. Works with Gist.com and I think it does a better job than their PVR link.
Added the ability to change the TV program start and ending time.

Once you enter a channel number and schedule a show the program will log the channel number. This allow the program to automatically insert the channel number so input will not be required. You still have the option to change the channel number during another scheduling event.

First Beta Release


Remote Control Key Functions


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